How to receive the gift from the King Rama 10 ?

Everyone must show the identification card or the passport or the other identification card during the period specified in the registration process at Supachalasai Stadium. (however, power of attorney document are required if the person cannot come to receive by themselves.)

Can I join BikeUnAiRak2018? What if I cannot finish? Is there any age restriction?

ANYONE, without any restriction, can join the event. It is NOT a competition. You can choose your preferred routes – short or long. You can rest or even quit anywhere and anytime. No matter who you are – Thais or foreigners are invited and please bring your family to the ride for unity, harmonization and importantly for your health.

What are the routes for BikeUnAiRak2018 in Bangkok?

There are ten routes. Please visit our website (https://www.bikeunairak2018.com) for more details.

To join the event, do I need to buy a new bike? Should my bike be new?

Please don’t buy a new bike. ANY kinds of bike are welcomed at the event. Just be sure that your bike is in PROPER conditions, preventing it from harming yourself and your fellow cyclists.

I have an old bike. I’m not sure if it could function thru the event.

There will be repair services along the routes. However, some bikes and some conditions need specific/special parts for fixing, so please prepare your bike well.

What to wear and bring for joining the “Bike Un Airak 2018?

Please wear clothes with material that can reduce sweat and heat. Wear sneakers or appropriate shoes, which should not be too tight or too loose. Bring safety equipment such as helmet, bicycle gloves, non-black lenses eyeglass. Bicycle should have headlights, rear lights and bell signals. The cyclist can bring a backpack or personal belongings such as mobile phone, medicine, raincoat etc. In case that you don’t have the said equipments, please do not worry, you only need a bicycle and helmet to join this activity.

If there are foreigners or alien workers interested in participating the activity, are they allowed to join in? Is the website providing information in English?

Foreigners or alien workers can join the activity by registration. Foreigners can apply with a passport number. For alien workers, he/she can apply with ID number for Non-Thai nationality instead of citizen ID number. The information on the website can be access in English.

During the event, if a bike is damaged or have a flat tire, how can I get assistances?

There will be maintenance staff or support teams to assist with any minor repairs during event. If the bike needs major repairs, they will take you to the repair and maintenance stations which are established throughout the route.  Especially in the major areas or spots, there will be a station that can provide more technical assistances and supports to complete the bike repair.

In the case of health problem or when elderly people need medical assistances during the cycling.

There will be mobile nursing teams to travel with the cyclists in order to assist people who get sick or have an accident quickly. There are also medical facilities and the ambulances parking along the route to help people immediately. It is important that people who join this event register themselves through the website "www.bikeunairak2018.com" and please fill in the necessary information for health record such as blood type, major diseases, including the telephone numbers to be contacted in case of emergency, so that the medical staff can assist you in the most proper manner and immediately.

Is it possible for people from other provinces to join the activity in Bangkok ?

Yes. They can register on the www.bikeunairak2018.com and choose the area "Bike in Bangkok"

The activity has a long duration, how do they manage the issues concerning facilities such as public toilets and drinking water distribution?

Water stations and free snacks for everyone, donated by His Majesty the King, will be made available along the routed. There are also other services such as free public toilets, first aid centers, and bicycle repair services along the route.

Can we register as a group?

Registering as a group is possible with a maximum of 10 persons. You can choose the category “Family” or “Group”

What is the difference between “Family Ride” and “Group Ride”?

The "Family Ride", starting at 08.00 hr., will be around highlighted tourist attractions in Rattanakosin Island where its histories are interesting. The starting point is located at Lan Khon Meaung and the Finishing Point is at Romaneenart Park. The total length of cycle route is 5.5 kilometre. The “Group Ride” will be divided into 8 different cycling routes and is scheduled at 15.00 hr onwards.

In case people do not received SMS for registration confirmation, what other channel will they contact with?

People can check their registration confirmation through the website by clicking Menu “Registration Confirmation”, then typing name and confirmation ID or Identification Card Number.

Can children age under 7 years old come to participate this event ?

Children age under 7 years old can join this event without registration. However, for kid, we recommend to choose the "Family Type" event because this Type is a "Cycling touristic" that visit many landmarks around the Rattanakosin island area. Also there is a special care officer along this trip. All participants should wear the safety equipment such as helmet for safety.

How to register to join this event ?

Everyone who interesting can register from 19th November 2018 on 8.00 am onward by follow this step.

  1. Go to website at https://www.bikeunairak2018.com
  2. Selected the location that you prefer to cycling by choosing “Cycling in Bangkok” or “Cycling in Province” (in case of “Cycling in Province”, each province will decide the number of participant. Please find more information at http://bikeunairak2018.moi.go.th. . In case of “Cycling in Bangkok”, the limit number of participant is 100,000 person)
  3. Selected the type of cycling
  4. Selected the caravan for cycling that may have different distance and different route:
    • Family type (2-10 persons) for participants who come with family. This type will be the touristic cycling around the Rattanakosin Island and also have guide officer for this trip.
    • Person type for participant who come alone
    • Group type (2-10 person) for joining as a group.
  5. Submit the personal information for the benefits of the participants who come to join (they will get the accident insurance for participating this event.)
  6. Check all the information and “verify” to finish the registration.